Friday, February 25, 2011

Cochonnerie - What a Cheeky little Pig!

Whenever I go shopping at "Gargantua" I am in for a long wait. Our local butcher Gilles Diglé who runs this shop is extremely popular, not only because of his excellent meat and sausages but also because he gives great advice on how to prepare different cuts of meat and always has a nice word for everybody.
Today while I was waiting to buy one of Gilles' specialities, olive oil marinated lamb (more on that in a post to come) I saw a little "cochonnerie" I couldn't resist showing you - what a cheeky little pig!
Much as I tried, I couldn't find an English translation for the delightful French word "cochonnerie". My dictionary lists it as "mess" but that doesn't at all cover the double sense of the word that plays with cochon (pig) and the dirty little tricks little piggies sometimes are up to.....


  1. Oh, yes, a beautiful rendition of the meaning!
    Looking forward to the olive oil marinated lamb specialty you'll be cooking soon.

  2. I have tried to come up with a word and you are right nothing comes to mind. The closest would be tricks but it doesn't have the double meaning as you point out.

  3. you are so right..this happens to me to..nice to find a girl with same thoughts..cheers