Sunday, July 22, 2012

Festival de la Figue in Caromb - great Festival but no Figs

By now you probably know that we just love to go to all the local festivals. As long as they are culinary off we go and usually come home tired, stuffed and happy, laden with delicacies. So when Radio Bleu Vaucluse told me yesterday morning not to miss the Fig Festival in Caromb I thought yes! here we go again! I had even one more reason to go as I had just seen a sinfully rich but rather fabulous fig dessert being prepared on TV and the juicy black figs for which Caromb is famous were just what I needed to try and replicate it.

In Caromb everything was perfect:  happy crowds and blue skies
Provençal costumes

This lady sold raffle tickets and we won a bottle of Rosé!

Another Provençal beauty

  But where, where were the famous Caromb figs?

The only ones we saw were these ones at the cooking demonstration. I even went to ask at the Tourist Office and learned that because of the long and hard winter we had the harvest was very small this year and the figs they had for sale all went within the first hour of the festival. If they hadn't disappeared into the jam pots of the local ladies who presented their "confitures" to be voted on.  As far as I am concerned pot No 1 deserved to win, but I didn't wait for the voting results to come in. And I promise to share the sinful fig desert with you as soon as I can find some figs to prepare it with.

Mr. S diligently testing fig jams before voting


  1. What a disappointment! We also love figs and they do grow in Florida, but not at our house.

  2. Looks like a fun time. Nice that you won a bottle of rose. Disappointing to not find any figs at a fig festival. I look forward to seeing your recipe.

  3. How interesting! No figs! Here it would be far too early to be looking for them so I wonder what sort of crop we will have this year... love your pics! x

  4. What lovely pictures, looked a lot of fun! sorry that you couldn't find figs though, hope they turn up soon : ) xx Ozlem

  5. Wonderful pictures!
    It look idylic there...

  6. I just went through a batch of figs that my neighbor allowed me to have. Fig jam is happening!