Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blown away by the Mistral - Fête du Vin in Provence

Today the wine growers of the Côte du Rhône region in Provence celebrated their “Fête du Vin”. Besides tasting a lot of wine you can go on guided tours through the vineyards, listen to concerts being held in the wine cellars, profit from special offers when buying wine or share lovingly prepared rustic meals. We gave that a miss this year because the dreaded Mistral wind was blowing full force and these lunches are traditionally held outdoors.

Our hosts at the Roaix/Séguret Winery

Here buying wine does not necessarily mean buying bottles. In Provence wine is often sold in special “filling stations” - your bring your plastic container and get your five or ten liters (approx. one or two gallons) of the local red, white or rosé wine for “every day”.
Wine Filling Station

Red, White or Rosé: Price per Liter


  1. So interesting to see how wine is sold..we are going to France in June as my sons will be living with a family in Lyon the I will be heading to Provence...your stories and photos get me very excited.

  2. Where in Provence are you going to? Can you send me an email?

  3. this is such a great way to be able to buy wine~I have tasted wine purchased like this many times and enjoyed it immensely! Hopefully the wind will not be blowing as hard next year for your lunch!