Friday, June 4, 2010

Cherry Time is here!

Cherries fresh from the market

With the exception of raspberries cherries are my favorite fruits – big, fat, luscious, dark, ripe cherries! This Tuesday they appeared at our local market and pretty soon there will be signs along the roads “Cerises à vendre”. But of course, I could not wait. So I bought three kilos, then dove deep into my basement where I keep empty glass jars that I collect all year long. The jars and their lids were sterilized in the hottest cycle of my dishwasher and the cherries pitted. Dirty work, only made sweeter by rewarding myself after every twentieth pitted cherry or so by popping one into my mouth - yum!

And then things progress rather fast: Mix the cherries with jam sugar, bring to the boil, boil vigorously for three minutes, fill jars, close and stand upside down for five minutes. Put upright, let cool, label and be proud.
Two hours later: Cherry Jam

Couldn't wait to taste - breakfast this morning


  1. How beautiful. Would love to taste that with some President butter and a nice fresh bagette. You make everything sound so quick and easy. Beautiful results.

  2. Thank you Susan - this "tartine" was "buttered" with StMoret - the French equivalent to Philadelphia cream cheese.

  3. I never would have thought of cherry Jam..I always think strawberry. I love the color! Im beginning to see cherries in the market, Ill be sure to try this soon!

  4. That tartine looks to die for. I'm far too hungry to be reading your blog right now...:)

  5. Great pics! It looks delicious! I used to make cherry jam when we had our own cherry tree. Cherries are the best!