Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three Barbaras in one Kitchen

Today we were three Barbaras in my kitchen! These two lovely ladies from California are spending their vacation exploring Provence. Of course this also includes exploring the food and wines of Provence and this is how they came to visit Cuisine de Provence. It seems all Barbaras share some characteristics - we all like to talk and laugh a lot and we love to eat! We had a great time preparing all those Provençal recipes - thank you Barbara and Barbara (also for the Californian dates you brought - they are delicious)!


  1. HOW COOL! I am the daughter of the shorter haired Barbara. Thank you for being so wonderful and teaching them recipes and meals! :D

  2. We had a great time cooking, eating, laughing, and talking with you. I can't wait to cook my new recipes and serve them on my new tablecloth (thanks for the shopping tips). You are a gracious hostess and the class will stand out as a memorable moment in our trip.
    Barbara Tongate

  3. Thank you so much Barbara - I too had a lovely day with you two Barbaras! And please tell your daughter she has a truly gorgeous boutique - how about opening one in Vaison?