Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It is Loto season in Provence - what is generally known as Bingo is called Loto here and is very poular during the winter months. The local Lion's Club usually kicks off the season on the first weekend in January and then it is - in no particular order - the Cat's Lovers Loto, the Firefighter's Loto,  the Loto of the staff of the local Hospital, the Bridge Club's Loto etc., etc.
Yesterday it was the turn of the Rotary Club of Vaison la Romaine whose Valentine's Day Loto is always extremely popular. "Love means winning together" is their slogan and their prizes are not to be sniffed at: a romantic trip worth 1000 Euros, a laptop, a big flat-screen TV, a wheel barrow full of wine bottles (after all we are in Côte du Rhône country here) and, to top it all, yesterday they even had two scooters to be won!
Most of these prizes are donated by local businesses and the money made through these Lotos are invested in local causes - student scholarships, soup kitchens etc.
There is much work involved - starting from going around town asking for prizes, printing and distributing flyers and posters, putting up chairs and tables in the townhall, providing refreshments and last but not least, cleaning up afterwards. All the members and their partners are busily working to make the annual Loto a success.
This year my girlsfriends Thérèse, Elizabeth, Annie-France and Babeth and I were in charge of providing 150 sandwiches:
Thérèse and Elizabeth cutting the Baguettes

Annie-France and Babeth: filling the Sandwiches

French Classic: Jambon-Fromage
Ham and Cheese Sandwich

We had real fun working together, and even more fun at the Loto, although none of us won a prize. But as the saying goes: Lucky at cards, unlucky in Love, and I know which I prefer....

No Luck playing....

Happy Valentine's to all of you!


  1. A lovely way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

  2. Happy belated Valentine's Day to you! Sounds like you were busy with your lotto fund raiser. I hope a lot of money was raised for those good causes.

  3. Thank you Michel, Happy belated Valentine's to you and Shirley, too! And yes, the Rotary Loto was a great success again.

  4. I just attended my first-ever loto here in the Cevennes, which was quite an experience. Did you notice that some people were imbibing alcohol at yours as well? Such a world of difference from the tame little affairs I was familiar with stateside...