Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Blogger Meeting in Provence

Shirley, Robert, myself and Michel

After having met Susan and Dale of "Schnitzel and the Trout" in June, we now had another blogger meeting in Provence! After having met for the first time around New Year's (when nobody thought of taking a picture) and bumping into each at Vaison's famous Tuesday market, Michel and Shirley of "Our House in Provence" very kindly invited Robert and me to their beautiful house in the village of Sablet.
Michel who owns a French Bistro in California and loves to go and eat at (and blog about) all the best restaurants in Provence had prepared a delicious "Caviar d'Aubergines" (recipe to be found on his blog) and very tasty Bruscette. As they had just been to the seaside town of Cassis we were also treated to a superb Blanc de Cassis. Guess what we talked about? Recipes and Restaurants! I promised Shirley to blog about two recipes that I have just discovered at my Provençal neighbor's - so now into the kitchen I go to prepare them and take photos!

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  1. It was a great pleasure to have you and Robert to our home in Sablet. We love Provence and one of the things we love are the wonderful people we have met, some like you first through blogs and then in person. We look forward to many more get togethers.