Monday, December 5, 2011

Sinful and delicious - Foie Gras

It is that time of year again - that time of year when our letterbox is overflowing with publicity leaflets from all the local supermarkets that deal with only one thing: Food! But not food as in everyday specials, oh no - the festive season is looming and festive in France equals with champagne and fine wines, oysters, lobster, foie gras, capons and what to fill them with. So in order to get myself organized and not leave everything to a last minute frenzy I have started to prepare my Foie Gras.
This year I cheated a bit and bought a Foie Gras that was already cleaned, so I only had to

take the lobes apart, season them with pepper, fleur de sel and a pinch of quatre épices (a spice mixture of nutmeg, ginger, cloves and cinnamon) and a swig of real good Cognac.

The seasoned lobes then get pressed into the terrine and go in a bain-marie into a very low oven (150°C/302°F) for 35 minutes.

After slow cooking for 40 minutes it comes out looking like this (below):

Off you pour the grease and keep it, because this is the best fat to fry the worlds best tasting fried potatoes in

When cold, the goose fat will solidify.

Now the Foie Gras (and don't call it a terrine or pâté, because this is pure Foie Gras with nothing mixed into it) has to be weighed down and and left in the fridge to develop for at least two days.

Then you can either give in to your greed and serve it with any good bread and - if you like it the French way - with a sweet wine. Or - if you are reasonable, wrap it well and freeze to get it out in time for the holidays. Saying that I guess I better get another one on the way - I think in a couple of days I will just want to make sure and check that this one has turned out as it should....


  1. Dale and I could so easily join you in tasting this, Barbara. Perhaps with a bagette and a 'sticky'. More and more we miss the food in France when we get home. Susan

  2. How gorgeous this looks Barbara, I can smell from here, enjoy:)

  3. Barbara, I can only imagine how delicious your foie gras will taste whenever and however you serve it. I didn't know you could freeze foie gras. It's still hard for me to believe that come July 2012, it will be illegal to produce, sell or serve foie gras here in California. So we will have to take advantage when we are in foie gras.

  4. Susan, Ozlem and Michel,
    if for whatever reason you cannot get Foie Gras where you are, you are always welcome to taste it here in beautiful Provence!

  5. Hi Barbara! I've missed you! But re this foie gras, you sound as if you really know what you are talking about :)).I can imagine there is a real buzz in Vaison at this time of year.. I have been using your WONDERFUL pork offerings - that was just the best present ever !!! xxx