Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some more Foie Gras

A quick snap I took when browsing my favorite supermarket the other day - just to give you an impression of the huge choice of foie gras products on offer now before the holidays. Did you know that foie gras was declared part of the French National Heritage in 2005? A quick answer to the then first banishments of foie gras from the menus of certain New York restaurants and to a new law that will make it illegal to produce, sell or serve foie gras in California from July 2012.


  1. Please enjoy some for me! I doubt there is a store in Sonoma County where we live in Northern California, a county with a population of 483000 people, that carries any foie gras at all. We are deprived!

  2. No! I guess California has its own version of fat products.

  3. Living in France has taught me that you know when Christmas is around the corner, when lots of programs about the making and selling of fois gras are television.
    Happy holidays!