Friday, July 20, 2012

Tomatoes, Tomatoes and more Tomatoes

Aren't they beautiful? Last Tuesday's market in Vaison was like a horn of plenty full of tomatoes. Tomatoes in every shape and colour and beautifully named -  just have a look at the list above!
Colourful Cherry Tomatoes

 These are called Pineapple Tomatoes

Coeur de Boeuf or
"Heart of the Bull"


 And these are the ones in my Kitchen Garden
they still need a bit of sun...

... but see, we are getting there - this afternoon's harvest.
Tomato Salad anyone?


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Real tomatoes, just what they should look like.
    I can imagine how delicious they must taste.

  2. I love the Vaison la Romaine market and I love tomatoes; perfect combination! The tomatoes from your garden are looking very good. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love your harvest. We have two tomato plants in pots and they are struggling. But I did have sliced tomatoes and fresh basil on my sour dough toast this morning.

  4. I'll have some salad please. I love tomatoes : )

  5. Beautiful. Beautiful, and Beautiful again!

  6. i was eating a handful of tomatoes while i was reading them. i am addicted to tomato and mayo sandwiches on homemade bread.

  7. Beautiful! While we don't have a large variety of tomatoes here in Istanbul, I made a lovely classic Caprese Salad the other night with Turkish tomatoes, olive oil, mozzarella and Italian balsamico. :-)