Friday, February 8, 2013

A Taste of Carnival

As much as we love living in Provence, sometimes we just have to get our fix of big city life, so off we go for a few days and are then always happy to come back home. Taking off from Cologne yesterday travellers at the Lufthansa check in were greeted by this Venetian beauty and the counter was decorated in an unusual fashion. What was going on? This was the Thursday before Carnival and in Cologne that is the day "Weiberfastnacht" is celebrated - the Women's Carnival. The Ladies take over and any man who is wearing a tie risks losing it - the women simply cut it off and cry: Kölle Alaaf!
 Cologne Lufthansa Counter decorated for Carnival
Some more Carnival costumes


  1. I do believe Germans always search for a way to party...and that is all good.

  2. I hope you enjoy your time away from home. Have a great weekend Barbara.

  3. Have a blast! We were in Dusseldorf and Cologne last year for this very reason! We had so much fun, dressed up, drinking beer, eating pork sausages on the street, watching the parades and costumes. Can't wait to see your pics!

  4. Looks so festive, have a great time, join in the fun :) x Ozlem