Monday, September 9, 2013

What a Happy Day in Marseille

Marseille being Europe's Capital of Culture this year there are ever more interesting activities, exhibitons and shows to see. So when I read about a big maritime parade being announced off we went. Marseille is battling a rather mixed reputation - there are gang related killings that keep the city in the news and there is petty crime like in most big cities, but if you keep normal precautions you will be fine and find a pulsating and mostly very beautiful maritime city to explore.
 MUCEM - the new museum of the Civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean

 Palais Longchamp - exhibiting until Ocotber 13 an impressive show of 
Classic Modern Paintings

 La Bourse - its renovation work cleverly disguised by a trompe d'oeil 

 The Maritime Parade took off from Marseille's Old Harbor -

then sailed past the MUCEM 

We cannot visit Marseille without going to see the fishermen with their catch of the day in the Old Harbor and then cross over to the central boulevard La Cannebière and take the second street to the right and go over into the bustling Arab Quarter. We love its markets, the fishmongers, butchers, fruit and vegetable vendors and Saladin, the fantastic spice market. Ever since they ruined our best loved seafood restaurant just around the corner by renovating it and turning it into some kind of burger chain food place that happens to sell fish and seafood we are kind of culinarily homeless in Marseille  but made up for it by buying loads of exotic fare that is otherwise hard to find in the South of France. And visiting "La Maison Empereur" the probably best kitchen shop outside of Paris. A must to see if you are in Marseille!
 Saladin - the fabulos spice market in the Arab Quarter

 Nothing you won't find here - the probably best kitchen shop outside of Paris

And then we saw the beginning of a - to France - totally new phenomenon: Food Trucks! Having heard so much about Food Trucks in the US and seen some of them in New York we were intrigued to see what was on offer here. Fish and Chips interpreted à la Marseilleise, Fruit Juices and Smoothies, African Delicacies and Pizza of course - it is a start and we can't wait to see more of it!

 Food trucks a relatively new to France

 Fish & Chips
Another Food Truck
 African Delicacies
And this Monsieur sold Pizza


  1. how gorgeous. i would love to be turned loose in the kitchen shop...well, around the food trucks too!

    1. Thank you Joyce, that kitchen shop is truly awesome.

  2. here this is a great post on Marseille, we are off to M and the Exposition at PLC tomorrow, your post has given me a renewed shot of excitement :-), love the Pizza Monsieur.

  3. So your photos prove that Marseille IS worth visiting! I've been eyeing cheap flights from Warsaw to here for awhile, but was told by friends that Marseille isn't worth visiting. Hell, if we can flight there for less than $100 per person, why wouldn't we go? :-)

  4. What a fabulous trip it must be, photos looks lovely, Marseille in the list : ) Ozlem x

  5. Özlem, if you come to Marseille we will finally get to cook together!

  6. Your photos are wonderful, and I would love to shop at that market.

  7. great post on Marseille, we are off to M and the Exposition at PLC tomorrow, your post has given me a renewed shot of excitement Travesti