Friday, August 15, 2014

Up to my Elbows in Tomatoes

Our kitchen garden is not exactly giving us much joy this year - the zucchini are flowering and flowering but have not produced one single fruit, our lovingly seeded butternut squash does the same, the peppers are probably proud to show one (in numbers: 1!) scrawny little pepper and the only tomatoes that grow are the cherry tomatoes we planted more or less for decoration purposes into pots against a sunny wall. So to our farmer's market I go. There, talk about adding insult to very much bruised gardener's pride, they are selling tomatoes cheaper than ever this summer since they have such a bountiful harvest....

Of course I can't resist and have been spending much time in the kitchen up to my elbows in tomatoes - coring and cutting then cooking them. Then passing them through my newest toy, the "Passatutto Master" that removes skins and pips (and no, unfortunately I don't get paid for this and even bought and paid for this tomato wonder machine myself).

 Tomato skin and pips remover

Once skinned and deseeded in went little chunks of carrots and zucchini, garlic and some onions, loads of basil, a bit of sugar and salt and pepper and lots of tender loving stirring care. Lots. For the best pasta sauce ever. Almost as good as the one a former colleague used to bring back from her Nonna when returning from her summer vacations in Sicily. But I can still practise - tomato season is still on and tomorrow is farmer's market day.
Homemade Pasta Sauce


  1. my zucchinis are covered in blossoms but setting no fruit. i think i am going to just eat the blossoms and give up on the fruit! i got a few peppers but they are rather disappointing. my okra is slow! but i have been getting lots of tomatoes and making lots of sauce. i haven't had to buy tomatoes yet. in general, not a good summer for the garden.

  2. I love the passatutto master!

    We gave up on courgettes - we'd get a flower here or there but they never produced any fruit.

  3. Do you suppose the bees did not pollinate them? I am hearing a lot about these issues.


  4. Tomatoes are finicky summer vegetable-zucchini and other squashes are always feast or famine. What is important is that you have access to these beautiful summer vegetabbles and you know how to use them. YOur sauce is stunning, just beautiful.

  5. There is nothing better than making delicious tomato pasta sauce during summertime - just wonderful!

    1. Hier ist übrigens der Link zu dem Freilichtmuseum nachdem du in deinem nettem Kommentar gefragt hast:
      Liebe Grüsse aus Bonn,

  6. The tomatoes look glorious, so does the pasta sauce.
    I want this tomato machine very badly :)

  7. Sorry for the lack of crop but what a glorious find at your farmers market! Adore them, enjoy!:) x

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  9. Nothing else better to be up to your elbows in! God I will miss a juicy ripe sweet tomato in winter! Good idea on the pasta sauce- need to find some way to preserve these beauties before we head into freezing months!

  10. What a great little machine (gadget?) I would love one, I am always leaving the skin and seeds in my sauces because I am lazy :)