Saturday, January 2, 2016

Time to say Goodbye

 Foto: Scott Scheuer 

It has been a great five years writing this blog, reading lots of other blogs, exchanging comments and recipes, even meeting some fellow bloggers, developping online friendships and friendships that swapped over into real life. But now the time has come to say Goodbye. As you may have noticed, my last blog entry was a few months ago - I have just been too busy living, laughing and cooking of course.

If you are still interested in what is cooking at Cuisine de Provence, I say "au revoir" on Cuisine-de-Provence's Facebook page.  And merci for stopping by!


  1. This is bittersweet Barbara. I'm sad to see your last post but also so happy that you're doing something you love and that you're so good at! We were delighted to spend a wonderful day cooking with you and get to know both you and Robert. Thank you again. Hopefully, we'll be back to your beautiful Provence!

    1. Merci Chris, see you on