Monday, October 3, 2011

Easy, fast but so delicious - Chicken Liver Pâté

Do you also do this? Whenever I stumble upon a recipe I find real interesting, be it at the hairdresser's, in the dentist's waiting room or some café, I can't help but rip it  out, coughing somewhat noisily to mask the ripping noise. Those steals and other perfectly legitimate ripouts then find the way into my kitchen drawer where all those recipes I mean to try out go. To tell you the truth: only about 10 % do eventually get tried. This Chicken Liver Pâté is one of them and as far as I am concerned it is a keeper! It couldn't be easier to prepare and is absolutely delicious, do give it a go!

To serve 4 persons you need:
300 g chicken livers
150 g salted butter at room temperature
2 shallotts, 5 cl port wine
a tbsp of cognac
pepper fresh from the mill

Clean the chicken livers, peel and finely mince the shallots.  Out of the 130 g of salted butter take a generous spoonful and on moderate heat soften the minced shallots in a pan. Turn up the heat, and cook the chicken livers, taken care not to brown them, stirring all the time. Add the port wine and continue cooking until the port has reduced to a syrupy consistency. Season with a few turns of the pepper mill and let the mixture cool down. In a food processor add the chicken liver, shallot and port mixture to the rest of the butter, add the cognac and process to a smooth consistency. Transfer into a pretty pot, cover with plastic wrap and let the flavors develop in the fridge overnight. Serve with crusty baguette, cornichons and a rustic red wine.

Claudia, a big thank you to you!!! Claudia of A seasonal cook in Turkey  explained to me how to get the watermark on my photos. I was getting really fed up of finding them all over the internet without credit given.


  1. Barbara, I will have to try this. We love all pates and this one looks delicious!!

  2. Oh Pate - I love Pate!!! This will be a go for us!

  3. One of my favourite pates.yum yum. Diane

  4. Yes I do this too and a few more;) Love it.Nothing like home made.When I read ingredientsa on the commercial ones..wouldn't one get sick eating it?
    Great post..great:)

  5. I love paté but I've never tried to make it. My sister has and she says it's easy. Your recipe definitely makes it seem simple too. I'll have to give it a go. Into my kitchen drawer ! (sigh)

    Glad you solved the watermark problem. I hope it helps.

  6. Barbara, so you are the one ripping out all those pages; I was wondering what was missing. Just kidding. I actually take restaurant menus with me to share with our cooks at Bistro Des Copains so I know about having to do this very discretely.

  7. I love liver pâté! Great post.


  8. husband would love this! =)