Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nyons - Fête of the new 2010 Olive Oil

Maybe I picked the wrong day, but this weekend's celebration of the new olive oil in Nyons was not exactly exciting. Okay, so there was a tasting of the different varieties of Nyons' A.O.C. oils lined up in a tent on their central square "Place de la Libération" where you could also taste some Côte du Rhône wines, but that was it. No olives or olive oil for sale - nothing!

Tasting Nyons' new olive oil

The only highlight was Alain Berne's cooking demonstration. The acclaimed chef  from Hostun in the Drôme prepared an elegant Olive Tart, very subtly perfumed with lime and lemon zest which I can't wait to try out. Have to buy some olives first though ......

   Chef Alain Berne prepares the pastry   
The Olive Tart

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