Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Truffles in Buis les Baronnies

Went to Buis les Baronnies today, a lovely small Provençal village that is rather busy in the summer but right now the market is truly a village affair.
It was lovely to see the first mimosas today - here it is far too cold for them to flower yet, so these were almost certainly from the Côte d'Azur where they are always the first sign of spring.

Mimosas - the first sign of spring

But even better than the mimosas: there were truffles! Two weeks ago in Vaison la Romaine's market they were still at € 850 per kilo, now the price has come down to  € 600 a kilo. Since you only need one truffle the size of a golf ball to prepare a deliciously decadent omelette for four that would set you back about  € 35 - expensive still, but how delicious!

La dame aux truffes - the truffle lady

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