Monday, August 16, 2010

Cavaillon Melons or The Taste of summer

The first ones appear in late May on the Provençal markets: the irresistibly delicious melons from Cavaillon. After finally having mastered the art of choosing the best and ripe ones (they should have 10 sections, clearly marked by their green stripes, the stalk should come off easily and they should give off a delicious smell) we try to eat as many of them as we can before they disappear again in September. Gilles Diglé, our local butcher who is also a very sought after caterer, prepared this refreshing melon soup for the summer party of Vaison's Rotary Club and  very generously shared his simple but delicious recipe with me.

A perfect  melon from Cavaillon

You need 2 really ripe Cavaillon (Cantaloupe) melons, white pepper fresh from the mill, a good slug of Beaume de Venise – a sweet dessert wine (alternatively use sweet white sherry) and a handful of fresh mint leaves.
Quarter and peel the melons, discard the pips. In a blender mix the melon flesh with the mint leaves and a generous splash of the sweet wine. Season with a few rounds of white pepper. Cover and chill thoroughly before serving.

The taste of summer: chilled melon soup


  1. The soup looks yummy. Unfortunately, the melons will probably be gone by the time we get back to Sablet on the 4th of September. Our melons we get here in Northern CA just don't have the same taste as the Cavaillon melons.

  2. Michel,
    I am sure our wonderful farmer's shop (on the road between Villedieu and Buisson) will still be selling them.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I will check.

  4. does anyone know if these melons can be bought in texas? thanks!