Sunday, August 29, 2010

Garlic Festival in Piolenc

The Garlic Festival in Piolenc is one of the nicest food festivals in Provence. A true village affair it centers around a beautiful market and starts with a mass that is held in the Provençal dialect. Then the Confrerie de l'Ail (loosely translated: the Club of the Garlic Brothers) leads a procession of carnival floats through the village. Today even Christian Etienne  a very well known French chef came to Piolenc and held a cooking demonstration. If you are in Avignon and feel really flush go to his restaurant right next to the Pope's Palace. But do have a look at the prices first!  And since pictures talk more than a thousand words, have a look at the ones I took this morning.

One of the carnival floats

Obélix was there, too 

Marinated Garlic

Garlic made pretty

Nice Price - 3 Euros per Kilo

Flavors of Provence

Cooks with Garlic: Chef Christian Etienne


  1. Oh my!! I think I smell that beautiful smell way over here, across the ocean. Thanks for sharing. We will be in Provence next June!!!

  2. Susan, in June you'll sadly miss this lovely festival but the fresh pink garlic will already be there and IMO that one is the best!

  3. I wish we could have been there for the garlic festival. I did venture past Christian Etienne's restaurant but didn't go in. I am sure at some point we will. We arrive next weekend and look forward to exploring new villages and trying new restaurants.

  4. Michel,
    so you'll arrive just in time for the marché artisanal in Sablet on Saturday!

  5. Just found your blog, thanks to Keef at a taste of garlic, I'm looking forward to working my way through your recipes.
    My blog is here
    and you can find my recipes on there or as a separate blog here;

  6. Rosalyn - welcome to Cuisine de Provence, I hope you enjoy the recipes.

  7. What a lovely blog! I live very close to Gilroy, California-- they call themselves the garlic capitol of the world. I don't know about that, except that I use fresh garlic all the time. Love it!