Sunday, October 31, 2010

Delicious Days - Vaison's "Rencontres Gourmandes"

They really would have deserved better: just as Vaison's Gourmet Weekend "Rencontres Gourmandes" opened yesterday so did the sky and sent torrents of rain - and it is still pouring today. A real nightmare for the owners of all those beautiful and very lovingly decorated stalls of  organic "Produits du Terroir" - local delicacies. They had hoped to promote (and sell) their produce in front of Vaison's town hall and put together tasting platters meant to be eaten inside the hall where long rows of tables were set up. Why the organizers hadn't thought of providing a marquee from their tents to the hall is anyone's guess. After all it does rain in Provence and if ever there is a rainy season here this is it...

Waiting for customers - the Wine Bar

For decoration only - this one is made of salt dough

Handmade delicious organic baguettes and  fougasses

Mme Diglé promotes her husbands famous olive sausage

Eggs fresh from the farm

Sunday lunch anyone?

The prettiest stall of all


  1. I'd eat that 25 euro lunch anyday. Love your pictures. We are staying near Carpentras the first week of June. So looking forward to this trip.

  2. @Susan - their tasting platter (foie gras, rilletes de canard, caviar d'aubergines and a wonderful terrine) was delicious so the lunch should be fabulous,too!
    @lakeviewer - thank you for visiting. Those stalls made everyone hungry and had quite a few customers - even in the rain!