Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Dessert straight from the Heart

Confession: I love to browse through kitchen gadget catalogues. There is something to all those pots and pans, cupcake and shortbread moulds, handmixers and stick blenders, mini choppers, chicken roasters, herb mills, garlic presses, pasta machines and potato ricers that I find deeply interesting, regretting only that I really, really don't need to buy anything anymore because my kitchen is far too well equipped already. But then, once in while there is something I just need to have:

Coeur à la Crème Mould

I probably wouldn't even have known what to use these for, had the very clever people at Lakeland not put the recipe right next to the pics of these delightful little heart moulds. This was years ago but Coeurs à la Crème are still one of my favorite desserts - light and elegant and, best of all, to be prepared one day in advance so there is no last minute stress involved.
For 8 Cream Hearts you will need:
8 heart moulds, 8 muslin squares
300 ml yoghurt
150 castor sugar
300 ml cream
2 eggs
Separate the eggs. Mix the yoghurt, the egg yolks and all but 2 tbsp sugar together. In another bowl whip the cream until stiff, then combine with the yoghurt mixture. In yet another bowl (yes, there is a bit of washing up involved...) whip the egg whites until stiff, add the 2 tbsp sugar and whip some more. Carefully fold the egg whites into the yoghurt/cream mixture.
Dampen the muslin squares and line the coeur à la crème moulds, then divide mixture between the moulds, filling them generously (they will loose moisture and set overnight). Put all moulds in a deep enough dish that will hold the liquid that will drain from the coeurs. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

Hearts set for draining

To serve, turn out the hearts and decorate with a fruit coulis of your choice - here I choose papaya.
Monday evening my friend Thérèse invited us for dinner and I offered to bring dessert. So these real pretty plates are hers (...jealous sigh....)



  1. What a terrific recipe! And, it's good for you!

  2. Rosaria, if I don't find those plates to buy I might just steal them :)!

  3. Barbara - I love the new header picture on your blog. The dessert looks delicious. I will have to keep my eye out for those dishes as I wander through kitchen ware shops.

  4. Thank you Michel, I just wish the text would show up more clearly but it seems I can't move it around on the header photo.