Sunday, March 13, 2011

'Tis the Season to start Cooking....

The season at Cuisine de Provence starts this coming Wesdnesday and I am really looking forward to meeting my first guests who flew in from Australia! The new aprons have arrived just in time, I have busily been testing recipes on my favorite and ever patient OH guinea pig and today I started spring cleaning the kitchen. First step: putting my overflowing bookcase that holds most of my cookbooks into some kind of order. Not an easy task! Not only because I own more cookbooks than I care to admit (and still regularly break my self imposed ban on buying new ones) but because I got stuck reading - and these are just a few of the books that kept me from getting my task done today....

In here I found the inspiration for a lovely raspberry clafoutis that has become one of our favorite desserts - thinking of it, I can't wait for new raspberries to be found at Vaison's Tuesday market....

Not only am I really, really jealous that I didn't think of this title first but also, given my love for tarts, quiches and the like that I didn't write it! This fabulous book is a great source of ideas whenever a fast lunch is needed.

Found a real good recipe for "Ketchup à la Provençale" in Gui Gedda's sumptous Provence cookbook today that I will try out as soon as there are decent tomatoes to be found. Too early yet. Anybody who is interested in Provençal cooking and looking for a cookbook - this is the one!
And now -  back to the kitchen.....


  1. I am still making regular cherry clafoutis from picked, destoned and frozen from our tree last year. We will soon be picking again!! Diane

  2. O.k. Our knives are sharpened, our aprons are on, let's cook! Clafouti!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love Les Clafoutis de Christophe. I own Cooking School Provence but have never made anything from it but will take another look based on your recommendation. I can picture the classes taking place at your lovely home, I hope all goes well.

  4. @ Diane: I also make cherry clafoutis from frozen fruits - so nice to have a little taste of summer in the middle of winter!
    @ Rosaria: that's the spirit!
    @ Michel: It really is worth looking at Gui Gedda's Provence book again, I just found another nice recipe: pommes d'amour au chèvre - so simple but good.