Thursday, August 4, 2011

Milk fresh from the Station

In Provence it does not seem strange to us to go and get our daily wine like you would get gas at a gas station. But I had never seen a "milk station" before. Until yesterday that is. We were driving through the Drome, from Hauterives to Valence when, passing through the tiny village of Tersanne, I saw this sign:

So we stopped and explored. For passerby's like us there was even the possibility to buy milk bottles for 0.30 € - the lucky neighbors probably bring their own recipients. 

Then you pay another 0.80 € per liter, press a button and get the freshest, non pasteurized, non skimmed non whatever else they do to milk these days fresh from the cow milk.

Since I couldn't work out how to get hold of the bottle I had to ring the bell and got to meet Véronique who told me that it wouldn't have hurt to read the instructions (sorry!) and that her husband, the farmer has been drinking this milk for more than 40 years. I tried it this morning and reader: it is delicious! And there was even a little deposit of real cream on top! Too bad that we would have to drive more than an hour to get milk this delicious on a regular basis!

Véronique, the farmer's wife


  1. Magic, wish we had one of those nearby. I always find fresh milk difficult to get here. The supermarkets only seem to get in a small supply and invariably it is all gone by the time I get there :-( Diane

  2. Sometimes it pays to ask the people who sell cheese at the market - they are not allowed to sell untreated milk but sometimes do from "under the table" if they think they can trust you.

  3. I am so jealous! Fresh milk~would love some!