Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pepperonata Provençale de Marie-Jo

Time flies! Almost two weeks ago I promised to post about a delicious dish I had the good fortune to first taste at my neighbor's house and which I have since served a couple of times. The ingredients - red peppers and juicy, really ripe tomatoes are ripening in my kitchen garden faster than I can think of what to do with them and since Marie-Jo's "Pepperonata Provençale" is as easy to prepare as it is delicious, here we go:

Take three real ripe red peppers, clean them and slice very finely.

Peel and core four or five tomatoes and chop them

In a large pan, heat a generous splash of olive oil, add the peppers and tomatoes and let simmer on moderate heat, stirring every once in a while. At first, keep the lid on, after about 15 minutes or so when the peppers are tender, take off the lid, add a pinch or two of sugar and let all moisture evaporate. Season to taste with salt (I use Fleur de Sel) and pepper fresh from the mill. Can be eaten warm or cold - at room temperature that is - as a side dish or as meze with crusty bread.

Delicious warm or cold: Pepperonata Provençale


  1. It looks delicious! Can't wait to show Shirley your post. We didn't get a chance to make it in Sablet before we came back to California but I will try this weekend.

  2. Ah, this looks good... hi there, happened to stumble upon your blog and I liked this tomato & chillie dish, would be nice to put on a pizza too.
    Karen Xavier