Monday, January 2, 2012

How to beat Cooking Fatigue

The holidays over I am suffering an acute attack of cooking fatigue. So the first evening of the New Year we had a real lazy dinner.

I just cut a small opening into this wonderful unpasteurized Vacherin cheese, stuffed it with some garlic cloves and moistened the cheese with a few drops of white wine, then wrapped it in aluminum foil and off it went into the oven for about 30 minutes,

slowly melting and giving me just enough time to boil a few potatoes, cut some gherkins and tomatoes, set the table et voilà: cheese fondue for two! All you need is some freshly milled pepper and a good glass of wine, bien sûr!


  1. Wow that looks amazingly simple and delicious!


  2. Simplicity and so delicious. Wishing you and Robert an excellent and healthy year ahead.

  3. A marvelous idea that has never occurred to me before. Merci'.

  4. There something amazingly comforting about simple tasty food.

  5. Happy 2012. I love comfort foods