Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday in Provence - Garlic Festival and a new War Memorial

We just love to go to local food festivals and village fêtes and although we had already been to the Garlic Festival in Piolenc having visitors was reason enough to go again. Arriving there we were astonished to see quite a few American Flags beside our French BleuBlancRouge and respectfully joined the crowd of spectators to find out what this was all about.

Alongside local dignitaries and highly decorated military men members of the "Confrerie d'Ail" (Garlic Brotherhood) were watching the inauguration of a memorial commemorating the liberation of Piolenc on this very day 68 years ago by the soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division of the US Army. A very touching ceremony!

 Confrerie d'Ail
 Commemorating the liberation of Piolenc
But then  of course we concentrated on the garlic - the displays were so tempting that my kitchen is well stocked now. And I paid close attention when one of my culinary heroes - the Michelin starred Chef  Christian Etienne  from Avignon gave a cooking demonstration. I was quite flattered when he asked me to come up onto the stage to have a closer look. And best of all, my brother was real quick and took a photo!
Beautifully presented: garlic, garlic and more garlic

 Cute but maybe a bit heavy: Garlic Earrings
Chef Christian Etienne and me


  1. You are looking good, Barbara. What a fun day!!!

  2. i would wear the garlic earrings! hahaha! what fun. i love garlic so i would have really enjoyed that festival.

  3. Being garlic lovers, I am sure we would have enjoyed the festival too. A visit to Chritian Etienne's restaurant in Avignon is on my list. Maybe we will get there this fall. Have a great week.

  4. I would have loved that festival, I have never seen a garlic fest around here, perhaps I am not watching Whats On properly LOL. Diane

  5. As Americans my wife and I are always touched by the various displays of rememberance for the American effort in both of the wars that the French people so generously give---even these many years later. Our last trip we were in the northwest part of France and you could hardly go to a village without some memorial tribute and on days of significance the flags were out --- bleu,blanc rouge and stars and stripes. Unfortunately most Americans do not have a good understanding of the gratitude that the French people, particularly the older generation, feel for their efforts during the wars.