Monday, May 27, 2013

Just a weekend in Provence

This was supposed to be posted 10 days ago but then disaster struck: my computer went belly up, I had to get a new one, have all data transferred etc. etc. etc.....
The weekend before last was the weekend of  "La Transhumance" in Jonquières, a village not far from Vaison la Romaine. This time we missed the sheep because it was raining in the morning when they were guided to their summer pastures but when the sun came out we at least got to see the wonderful display of old crafts the villagers had put together.

learning to wash like granny used to

 hard work but fun, too

 spinning wool one way

 and spinning wool with a different tool

 basket weaving

this turkey and

 geese got to come to the fête, too

 Provence delicacies

 a display of "Santons" for the Christmas nativity scene

traditional Provence costume


  1. i really enjoyed seeing this! i love the santons!

  2. sorry for you gremlins! Wonderful photos, do you ask for their photos or just give them a big smile and take them? We missed two transhumance runs due to weather, I think we should have just gone!

  3. Lovely pictures, Barbara. Dale wants a santon so badly. One of these day we will need to shop for one. Glad you were able to recover what was needed from your computer. At times like that, we find out how much we rely on them.

  4. A beautiful way to spend the day. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I just found your blog over at Schnitzel and the Trout and I couldn't be happier! I just returned from my first trip to Provence and am looking forward to reading all your posts. I would have loved to see displays of all the beautiful crafts.

  6. What a fun and interesting event! So sorry about your computer, that stinks!