Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pink Floyd Revisited

There is nothing better than to be invited to a Provençal "Apéritif Dînatoire" - a long, informal, lazy and at the end often rather hazy lunch involving numerous plates of different delicacies, wine and most important "convivialité" - a warm, generous, familiar get-together among friends. Yesterday we had the honor to be invited to our friends and new neighbours Eric and Nana's house. Owners of the fabulous "L'Epicurien" restaurant in Crestet, a neighbouring village of Vaison, Eric and Nana work so much they do not have much time for socializing so we knew it was a special honor to be invited to their house. And of course we also knew we were in for a treat, because not only do our friends serve great food at their restaurant where they have a chef - they are also great chefs themselves!

We got spoiled with a delicious terrine
loads of other yummy dishes and

a leek tart of which I just have to have the recipe!!!
And then we were in for a real surprise:
Nana presented what turned out not to be just another bottle of Rosé,
but "Pink Floyd" the first vintage of
 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Provençal Rosé wine
Only available for sale in France the 6000 bottles of the 2012 vintage sold out the first day (you can now find it on Ebay). The Jolie-Pitts claim to be "intimately involved" in the production of the wine they produced in collaboration with Marc Perrin, the owner of Chateau de Beaucastel in prestigious Chateauneuf du Pape. And the verdict? It is a really nice rosé wine, but so are many other Provençal Rosé wines for which you pay a fraction of what "Pink Floyd" is now being hawked for.
Restaurant L'Epicurien
Quartier Glacière
84110 Crestet


  1. how was the wine? everything looks delicious. i would love the recipe for the terrine and the tart if you manage to get them!?

  2. I've had some absolutely divine Provencale rose wines. I always thought part of the charm was that they were little known in the UK and very affordable! So I will stick with those but I would love a little bit of everything else on the table. What a magnificent way to spend an afternoon!

  3. Sounds like a great time and the food looks fabulous! I know I would enjoy an afternoon like that. Where abouts in Crestet is their restaurant? We will have to try it out. You know me, always looking for a great place to dine. Have a great week.

  4. Wow! Everything looks amazing! Love the looks of that terrine!

  5. My goodness, it looked like an amazing get together - the food, the wine and the company - can't ask more :) Ozlem x

  6. What a lovely blog! I'm looking forward to reading much more over the next few months in preparation for our annual visit.

  7. I've been waiting to hear what the PF Rosé was like, such fun though to have tasted 'the Joli-Pitt' label.

  8. Wonderful. I've got to start making some friends like yours! :)

  9. I've heard about this wine ! Is it really good ?