Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Alien in Provence

At first glance I thought I'd seen an UFO! On my way to do some shopping in Le Pontet (Avignon-Nord) I had a hard time to trust my eyes when I drove by this shimmering, glittering alien (click on photo to enlarge) yesterday. A real American diner has landed in Provence! So I did a U-turn and went for closer inspection. The place was packed! Not by American tourists – not one word of English was spoken, everybody was happily chattering in French. The ultimate give away that these were French customers: they were eating their hamburgers with knives and forks!
And yes, dear readers – I did inhale! A melt patty and a diet coke, for research purposes only, of course. And did it taste good? You bet!


  1. Wow a cheese burger in Provence? Amazing...glad your research went well...hee hee

  2. Never seen anything so funny - a diner in Provence! What's next? Rodeos?

  3. Barbara,
    thanks a lot for everything;
    I love your blog and I visit it now and hopefully everyday,