Thursday, March 11, 2010

Found in Marseille

Strolling around the fishermen's market at the Vieux Port (the old habor) in Marseille and cursing myself for not bringing an icebox to take the beautifully fresh sardines, turbots or merlans home, I made a rather gruesome discovery in a box under one of the stalls:

Do you know what this is? Must be one of the best kept secrets of the trade. It is the head of the fish they here call "lotte" (monkfish) and I although I never thought about it before, I now know why never, and I mean never as in "never ever" the whole fish is displayed. All you ever get to buy is "queue de lotte" (the tailpiece). And now I know why!


  1. Gruesome, yes! But oh so creamy smooth and delicious!

  2. I never know this about the head, so interesting!