Friday, January 14, 2011

Brouillade aux Truffes - the photos!

Step 1: Crack eggs, shave truffles on the mandoline

Step 2: Season with kosher salt and pepper from the mill, then mix with a fork

Step 3: Over a bain-marie stir with wooden spoon until just set

Step 4: Add crème fraîche, some more truffle shavings and a pinch of fleur de sel (kosher salt).
Breathe deeply. Eat. Sigh happily.


  1. Oh my...That looks amazing! I think you need to invest in smellvision so we can smell the Brouillade aux Truffes and other wonderful dishes you serve up. Bonne appetit.

  2. Merci Michel - I agree, smellvision would be wonderful!

  3. Oh my the bet scrabbled eggs I have seen......truffles...mmm

  4. It is like golden sunshine on a plate. The perfect fix for all that ails you. Your blog is gorgeous, so glad to have come by.

  5. @Bita: Thank you and welcome to Cuisine de Provence!