Friday, January 25, 2013

Cookbook Challenge # 2 Ossobucco Milanese

I am so enjoying this cookbook challenge - browsing through book after book, seeing how much the style of writing and presentation has changed, finding old,  long time neglected favorites and sometimes laughing about how we used to cook. Today's book is one of the very oldest in my collection - dating from 1984 (yes, I started cooking very young...) titled "Italian Cuisine" and I picked a real classic: Ossobucco Milanese. Had I remembered how long it takes to prep for this, believe me, I would have picked a different recipe. This should be called a chopping challenge!
Italian Cuisine
Cucina Italiana
the recipe: Ossobucco Milanese

Veal Shanks - one per person

chopped tomatoes (1 medium can)
tomato paste (1 tbsp)

and now the fun starts: chopped carrots (2-3)

chopped root celery (1/4)

chopped Onions (2)

chopped garlic (3cloves)

gently fry all veg in olive oil
dust shanks with a bit of flour then fry separately until nicely browned

place shanks on top of veg, cover and simmer in oven for 1 1/2 hrs
I changed one thing: Ossobucco is traditionally served with gremolata - a mix of very finely chopped flat leaf parsley, fresh garlic and lemon zest, some even add anchovies. I don't really like tasting uncooked garlic so added the garlic into the vegetables and will be serving the Ossobucco with a gremolata of parsley and lemon zest only. And I will serve it à la Française - with a crusty baguette to mop up all those delicious juices. In Lombardy where this recipe hails from it is served with risotto and a long handled spoon to dig out the bone marrow.


  1. Yesterday, with family we were talking about ossobucco-Now, I see on your blog post too. I am feeling inspired. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love Ossobuco served over saffron risotto or soft polenta. I am not a fan of raw garlic either. I do love the creamy bone marrow. You see "bone marrow" on restaurant menus around here, two or three small bones with a small spoon and toasts to spread it on.

  3. When I was attending university, I worked at a beautiful little restaurant in Houston that made the most magnificent ossobucco. I have to admit that I haven't had it since then. This post has inspired me to search out the ingredients and surprise my husband.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog which led me to yours. You are without a doubt living my dream. I hope you get to make the lemon pudding cake soon as it is such a lovely little dessert.

  4. What a fun challenge! I love Ossobucco! Yours look perfect. I'm craving for some now. I guess I need to got get some veal shanks and get into the kitchen to make some! :) Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  5. oops...i think my comment was eaten! good looking ossobucco. italienische kuche auf deutsch is quite the challenge!

  6. I was so excited to read this post about Osso Bucco today. What an amazing dish! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me . . . it is how I found (and now also following) your delicious blog!

    Be well, my new friend,

  7. Fun post, inspired enough to now have all ingredients on hand, I love this cookbook challenge you're doing! Great photos...