Sunday, January 6, 2013

Currywurst and Ampelmann - it has to be Berlin

Congratulations to Katherine and Küchenschabe - both correctly identified Berlin as the hometown of Currywurst and Ampelmann! With a honorary mention to Joyce of Octoberfarm who got the country right and seems to have some insider knowledge about "Pommes rot/weiss" - that is how you order French fries with ketchup and mayo in Germany.
But while the cute little Ampelmann is going from strength to strength, Berliners seem to abandon the Currywurst in favor of Turkish Kebabs or Döners. Not only did we have a real hard time finding a decent Currywurst, just look at how things are advertised to know which is the more popular streetfood. Not really a surprise as Berlin is the largest Turkish settlement outside of Turkey.


  1. hab ich's doch gewusst ;-)
    cooles Video!

  2. I hope you had a good time in Berlin. I am curious about why there is such a large Turkish settlement in Berlin? I just read that Berlin has become quite the foodie capital and there are more Michelin starred restaurants there than anywhere else in Germany.