Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another Berlin Foodie Hotspot: Markthalle IX

Every time I go to Berlin to visit my sister she shows me the newest gastronomic hotspot - last time it was the very best Chinese hotpot restaurant, this time Markthalle IX. Situated in Kreuzberg, the formerly poorest Berlin district that is fast evolving into hipster paradise, Markthalle IX is one of 13 market halls that were built in 1886 of which  four halls miraculously survived two world wars and efforts to gentrify Berlins most colorful and multi cultural district. And right now Markthalle IX (market hall number nine) is "the place to be on Thursday evenings". That is when "Street Food Thursday" takes place and the hall, on other days a regular market hall, is heaving with food stalls and visitors.

Here you can have a taste of street food from all over the world. The evening we were there American style BBQ was on offer (great brisket - yum!) and New York Reuben Sandwiches, British Pies, Spanish Empanadas, Russian Borscht and Swabian "Spätzle" noodles.

 These guys sold Fish 'n Chips

 People share tables and sometimes even their food

 Traditional Berlin Meatballs came not all that traditional

 in 4 different styles and with exotic ingredients

cooked and served by this cute young man

 Bernadette had wonderful Styrian pumkin seed oil and pesto on offer

 Great marketing and a fun location

 for the "washrooms"

 Wines from all over the world

 were sold for "beautiful drinking" by a wine shop called "Boozing"

and they also had one of those old fashioned photo booths in Markthalle IX - the very best souvenir of all!


  1. Looks like a delicious foodie heaven - loved the photo boot!:) have fun, Ozlem

  2. The Markethalle IX looks like a very fun place to explore. Berlin is still on my list of towns to visit some day. Love the pictures. Very cute.

  3. that was a lot of fun! and I went again last week with my daughter. We went looking for exotic food and chose some japanese fish balls which were prepared the (very slowly) traditional way. that was the longest line of people waiting in the whole place, but everybody was having a good time.
    happy easter!

  4. Oh, I love the market too! We went in Nov. after my friend from NYC had told me about it. I bought some cute canning jars at the kitchen store too. Berlin is a fab place to explore and for food!

  5. Another lovely post about a Berlin hotspot - this market hall looks like it is fun to visit with so many different kinds of foods to taste!