Monday, April 28, 2014

Zucchini Bits and Bites

Here they are not even in season yet but somehow I am very taken with zucchini these last weeks. First I found a wonderful recipe for a zucchini soup in Patricia Wells' new "French Kitchen Cookbook"  then the recipe for these Zucchini bites at G2Food, an inspirational, beautifully photographed English/Turkish foodblog. Somehow my bites look totally different and not half as elegant as the original ones, I guess I grated the zucchini far more coarsely - but boy, did they taste good!
 Rustic Zucchini Bites

PS: Now I know why my zucchini bites look so different - the original used just the white flesh leftover from a  stuffed zucchini recipe - if you want the whole story and to know the exact recipe have a look at the comments at G2Food.


  1. Fantastic! I bet they taste as good as they look.

  2. They look delicious Barbara! Reminds me of our zucchini fritters, mucver; where we add feta, spring onion and dill to the mixture too - yummy!

  3. I'm loving zucchini these days too and I'm happy it's so plentiful all year long. These sound wonderful!!

  4. Hi Barbara! I agree with Ozlem: they are reminiscent of our mucver - yours look perfectly delicious! Excellent!

  5. Zucchini is "our new potato". We now have zucchini more than potatoes and everyone is happy. Yours look delicious and I see no reason to just use the white.


  6. and just yesterday Mr O. asked what more can he do with all this zucchini (I had been a bit over zealous when I saw them at the market)-I will go on over to G2F for the recipe...great photo :-)

  7. Lovely little bites . . . where can I find the recipe? I love new recipes to use zucchini!

  8. Hi dear! This looks amazing! Love zucchini! And I loved your space here.
    à bientôt, chérie :)))